Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"


This, mah man, is awesome. I am curious as to what classical song it is though...? Really good remix of it nonetheless though.


Not bad but i dunno, it misses a bass. The drums were good and matched the song. Cant think of anything else... (sry :P)
(Also why did you put it in DnB? DnB is atleast 160bpm and with some deep basses, if youre not aware of that... :D)

Box-Killa responds:

what else am i going to put it in lol?


What was the classical song that was remixed?

very nice

what's more to say? This is awesome :) Great work

Excellent boss battle music

Its got a good tempo, while having skillfully used classical parts and a nice rhythm.

The drum beats were excellent, they keep your attention without drawing away from the still brilliantly used classical instruments. Like I said earlier, this would be great as a boss battle theme.

Box-Killa responds:

haha you said "Classical Elements" BWAHAHAHA Copy my lingo :D