Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"


Very nice flow of music and beats. This is stuff what I like to hear 5 Stars!

Wicked piano skills man!

The drum beat was kick ass, too!!


I spot some VEC1...

Haha =P. Real nice feel to it, I like how you've changed that. Great remix and speed up!! Good luck for the contest =)

Epic Win

I love this It make's me think of someone running to save their one true love keep it up man this is one of your best


again w/ the drums

the drums never get to their like full potential dude

the drums at :30 are good, but i think they would fit better as like a fill or a build up, not as a main riff for drums, they just dont sound right as the main drumset

i like the ending w/ the crackling

meh, its ok, just some execution problems with the drums to me

Box-Killa responds:

hmm yeahhh lol. the drumss.... Maybe they should like explode and then be really loud and full, yeah i know what you mean :D

thanks for the review :D