Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"

sounds cool

I like this beat. Might be useful for background music to a flash game. It definitely grabs your attention. I like this. :)

Best Yet

Simply amazing, I am so impressed with your work!
Sounds great, perfect about of piano, and other instruments. I mean, woah dude. IF you are interested, I could take these samples, add some lyrics and produce some mad shit. Just PM me anytime.

Kick. Ass.

The good thing about this song, it was pretty fast, but not too fast. It has a excelent rhythm, and all the other instruments used tie together with eachother, and with the rhythm very nicely. There's nothing bad I can point out. I also have to say, this song is very inviting, I could easily see this used in a platformer game. Speaking of which, I was working on a platformer game...

holy shit...

this is so amazing. I cant explain it. It just sounds so good. I love the parts when it got all complex. this is totally somthing I would put in a game 5/5 10/10.


its epic it sounds like a chase song

Box-Killa responds:

:d Thanks man