Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"

I love it when two genres meet.

This song is amazing, nothing more to it. However, for the sake of longetivity, I'd like to tell you why it's amazing. You threw in instruments from classic music, my least favorite type, and somehow made it feel... right. You used the piano to start off it, and that usually means I should get out my pillow, but there was something about the way you did the piano HERE that made me think twice, there was something about it that told me "this is going to be freaking awesome."

And so it was.

Nice Work

Sup, We you Pm'd me asking me for a review i thought you were just some random spammer who was looking to get free ratings but this is a real good mix dude. Nice work

great song.

this song rocks it has a good beat to it that is enjoyable to people's ears.

Really good rhythm & bass here...

I especially like the strings at 1:27 :D,keep it up.
Fav'd,5/5,9/10,and a review!!!

I liked it, mate!

I seem to remember the music, though I don't seem to know where it's from. It's great! I liked it a lot! Thank you for sharing this with me.