Reviews for "She_Remix [Box-Killa]"

0:55 - Shit gets real

It blends well, especially near the end.


There are no flaws that I can seem to hear. Very excellent work. My favorite part was the piano solo, btw.


I really liked it especially near the end of the song. It had a very nice flow and the whole thing was well put together. You chose a perfect set of instruments and I will definitely download it and listen to it again.This was overall a great song and I really enjoyed it.

Catchy piano tune

Pretty much the title. Sounds pretty good along the lines of other 'fantasy' or 'light step' kinds of music here.

I'd recommend making a loop of the main part if possible, since a song like this could go well in planned submissions.

But by all means, good music.

I'm no audio-expert

But I enjoyed this piece. The tempo fluctuates nicely, the combination of the softer piano and the harder beats meld together well and overall it is fun to listen to. Well done.