Reviews for "Kill the Wurizon Guy!"

Oh man..

That was some good stuff. I loved the part " Hey baby can you hear me in your sleep" haha, NICE!

can you hear me giveing this movie 5

that movie was funny as hell!!!


in ressponse to the previous 2 people's questions, the Wurizon guy would be a spin-off of the Verizon guy, the annoying man on T.V. commercials who always says "Can you hear me now? Good!" I'm not sure why it wasn't the Verizon Guy, I'm guessing the spin-off was made either to avoid a lawsuit or just for the sake of being a spin-off. As well, Martha Stewart's catchphrase is "It's a good thing!" She even published a book about decorating by that very name. As for the flash it was funny, well made, and and just overall well-done. Not much else to say, really. I espiecially liked the part where he "attacked" the daughter.


hilarious!!!but one thing...who,s the wurizon guy? could somebody
pleeze tell me!?

Nice, but one flaw.

You can't kick the Verizon or Wurizon guy's nuts-he doesn't have any!
This was hilarious, and I loved the part when the Wurizon guy stalked the sister.
Baby having a cellphone? Lucky baby.
The animations were wonderful, the sound was good, just one joke I didn't get.
Martha Stewart saying "It's a good thing." does she say that a lot?
Please respond. Keep up the good Flash!
You hit the target dead bulls-eye.