Reviews for "Kill the Wurizon Guy!"


ahahhaaha 10'd

Dman thats a shame in the nuts

I have verizon and that shits funny


The name leads me to believe that the wurizon guy will be killed, not just kicked in the nads, and hit with a rolling pin. Very dissapointing. Martha saved the whole thing.

Can you read my post...Good!

That was masterfuly done. Seriously those comercials were getting annoying, i'm glad the campain ended. But no joke readers, millions of Americans are suffering from the after affects of "Can you hear me now syndrome". Call your local charity organization today and ask how you can support the releif and treatment progams already in place. Goodnight and good luck...

well animated, funny on top of that.

GO GRANNY! That awesome, I wish I could get the chance to do that. I like how she calls him "that cell phone donkey" heh. "stop it martha" Great job