Reviews for "Kill the Wurizon Guy!"

good one

that was a pretty sweet animation.... now, if only you could do that in real life....

nice ending

that was awesome, i loved your style, the backgrounds were so beautiful, and the animation on your characters was nice and smooth, though some parts were kinda laggy, it was still good. i loved your idea too, the "wurizon" guy, was hilarious, and the animation on him was amazing, this flash was very unique and original, i gave it a 5 and i really hope it gets on the front page, it was awesome, great job dude.


Animation and the voice acting was good. Like this flash even if it is an ad for some phone company. Not very funny but gave me a good laugh or two.

Good question.

How did he get her number? It's about time someone did something, about that guy. Anyway, great animation, and good voiceovers. Great job, working on this.


that's some great animation and great voice overs! nice job!