Reviews for "Kill the Wurizon Guy!"


hm, bored me so much.
maybe it's coz I'm from Germany, hence didn't get the jokes...
sorry man, sucked very much :-(
But I give you 8 for opening-Credit-Sound :-)

Slightly noteable parody . . .

but ALOT less funnier than "Conan vs. Kindergarten Cop," one of my all-time NG favorites. The way you satirized the Verizon guy was funny, as was the ending with the suprise cellmate for our protagonist, but in the end it came off as a cheap Looney Tunes rip-off. Don't get me wrong, I laffed plenty, but it wasn't as clever as it could've been.

Mark2000 responds:

The original beating was more Silence of the Lambs. Much funnier. Check www.badmonkeystudios.com for that ending.


It was "enh". Not even worth looking at if it weren't on the front page. There was no true original thought put into this. Cliche writting. God save your soul.


I dont care how old this joke is, you took it and made something that i could laugh at. I dont care what all the other ppls say, this is some good shit!

makes me wonder who puts this shit on front page

it's just so unoriginal. like I can understand that you're good at flash animation and want to put your work up, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, get a decent writer to write this shit for you. this kind of humor is more suited to entertain a 7 year old. any 7 year old on newgrounds needs new parents. so please just concede and stop embarassing yourself