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Reviews for "King of Buttons 2"


Best story mode ever.

The pole dancers are the best

frigin awsome

but there is a mistake in 1 of your coments when you were talking about auto clickers you said you can do it any more instead of cant
S.O.A.D kicks ass


oops. lol.

S.O.A.D indeed kicks ass :)

Omelet Du Fromage xD

LOL Thanks to you I can't stop thinking abut Dexter's lab haha Omelet Du Fromage Omelet Du Fromage Omelet Du Fromage Omelet Du Fromage kk enough now !! Now for the review! Just one thing that I reallyt have to say The highscores from all armorgames gets hacked why !!

Endurance: I love thos funny comments muwhahahaa can't stop laughing xD And well my final score is 15000 clicks! I just wanted to unlock the secrets hehe. I kinda got bored when I reached 10000 but yes when I reached 15000 (WARNING SPOILER) I got a Secret Thingy hehe. And the secret this is a picture from imageshack. Here is the link : http://img210.imageshack.us/my.php?im age=lozer1yq.swf

Time Attack : I just loved it! I fanily got to the secret when u got 200 clicks well here is it xD : http://uploads.ungrounded.net/282000/

Hurry: Wow I was really confused at started but then I understanded what to do no secrets in there anyways well my final score :1524 clicks wow my right hand is dead thats why its called hurry lol

Hold: Well I did not think this one is a good idea just gets boring then best way to come first on that is to put a thing that is so heavy that it can hold the left mouse button smart huh well I did not do that so my patience only lasted for 628 well meanwhile I was watching TV lol. But well there is a cheat that u can use to get alot of seconds just do like this: First hold the button then you have to move the mouse outside of the scrred and you still have to hold the left click button then when you are outside the screen just stop holding the left mouse button and do whatever you want! Cool huh ?

Challenge: for me its too har I don't know what to say I just het so confused and then I just give up xD Kinda fun anyway. Final score : 21

Reflex: Wow cool It really tested my reflexes well my final score on this one is 977! If I only had 1 point more I might would be oin the highscore I am so unlucky xD

Story: ROFL I loved it haha!! In the beggining I hoped for something special yes it was special but so wird rofl the pole dancer !!

And now the last one Versus: hehe very funny but what I think is you can cheat with enter button becuse its two enter buttons and the spacebar button is fucked beacuse of all my 15000 clicks on endurance mode lol.

This game I gave a total of 10/10 and 5/5
Just beacuse itr has funny comments xD

cheat for hold!!!

i likehold it better rightnow im cheating and im typing lol!!!!!

3000 clicks wasted 20 minutes of my life T_T

i clicked the buton 3000 times and wasted 20 or more minutes of my life......AGAIN IM SUPER ADDCTED HELP!!