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Reviews for "King of Buttons 2"

Dude this is amazing!!!!!

A great concept for a game!! Well, its not but u sure made i into one lol!!! i LOVED the story mode it made me laf. This is good stuff man u need 2 make a 3rd one!!


Maybe it's just cause I'm like this but this game rox my sox. I liked the music and I'm currently at 12,000 clicks, and going up at a rate of around 100 clicks per 15-20 seconds, so...yea.

I am coming first

read the title and I love this game except the 15000 prize

Wow, BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't have believed it until I played it. KING OF BUTTONS 2 KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And System of a Down on the soundtrack. Fuckin' awesome!!! (if you'll excuse my language. And if you won't, well... FUCK IT!!!!) :-D


it indeed fucking does :P

dude the text is just like me!!!!!!

i hat 50 cent i just wanna rip his head off!!!!!!
that song was chop suey from soad in the album toxcicity if u the author is reading this then YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! viva la rockers!!!!!

ok back to business very good game very funny i gave you a 10 in violence because the color of the button is red and thats the same color as blood :p well plz reply


omg. lot of ppl died to make the button so red :(