Reviews for "Trichinosis"


Right, good flash etc. Yadda yadda yadda animal farm messages...

The message was worth reading more than viewing the flash. I would be glad if out of 1,000 views 10 people done something. You should definetly have an award, but failing that you have just been awarded Robl's award of excellence and attempting to make the world better. If I happened to be wearing a hat right now,

I would take it off to you sir!

Right On

Flash was well done, and it wasn't pointless like most of the movies on here! Good job.


Thank fuck, someone with something to say rather than a bunch of random characters killing each other.

And the flash wasn't too shabby.


Top Notch

This is a quite amazing flash. Your words speak wisdom, but that even isn't the point here.

Your animation is amazingly good, your graphics are impeccable, and your flash skills shine through this flash.

I also loved your quick Animal Farm references throughout the whole movie, which I could relate to easily.

I really hope you get an award for this and people can just listen up to the message. Thanks for your submit...I loved it!