Reviews for "Trichinosis"


Effective. Enough said.

Very very nice flash

It's true, many people forget about poverty because they are consumed in their own needs. It's a shame.


I like your flash ,it has shock value and sticks in viewers minds. Well done.

Undoubtably this review section is going to be swamped with people writing essays on this topic.

Very stimulating flash.

What can you do?

You can become an army of one against these problems! Stand up raise a fist, and punch one of those little piggys in the face! Its time for the little guy to show the higher up's just how much damage we can do!

422 - This score is crazy !! Or not...

This was awesome man, as far as flash standards go, aswell as actually teaching us something. I was very impressed with not only your animating talent, but with your talent to create a message that i have seen any of here before and doing it extremely well. The way you chose to make this message come to life was awesome, you made the characters pigs even, and i found that incredible that you actually made a link between people and pigs, and i must say after watching this that i totally agree. Here is my review.

The graphics were superb. There wasnt too much animation, but what you did have was pretty good and it was definitely effective in getting your message across. The drawings are what really impressed me here, for a few reasons. The biggest one being is how the pigs actually resembled people pretty well, maybe it was the clothes they were wearing. The detail was very good too, obviously you did put effort into that, the colours also did their job in your visuals. The style was just perfect though, fantastic message, idea, animating style and presentation, all was just awesome. The idea was very good, and it was actually important, and it probably got some people to think twice about some of the things you mentioned in this. The presentation was awesome too, i love how you sort of explained everything with words rather than just using pictures, i think it enabled everybody to better understand what you were trying to show. The sound was awesome too, by itself i would have given the song a 7 probably, but since you used it so effectively and it fit everything very well i have to give a 9 here.

Overall this was an awesome movie that definitely taught me about many things and also got me thinking about them too, its a shame so many people do this these days. Im responsible for wasting food, and i am actually trying to cut down on that. Anyways way to go, i cant wait to see another one of your submissions!

So, you're having my five and stuff like that.. ;D