Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

For the people who dont know:

This is based off of a comic that is very awsome/random, Happy noddle boy is one of the mini-comics in this comic as for the animation, awsome!

Bodie responds:

i actually mentioned this in the description, thanks for the feedback though.

I love noodle boy....

very funny, good job


That was just great. Wasn't invader zim based off of him?

Bodie responds:

Umm, not entirely, i'm sure there was a bit of his personality carried over to invader zim, i think the whole craziness they both have is just Johnen Vasquez's style.

^_^ :D lol

lol i loved it and i mean i love happy noodle boy its just that its not how i imagined it

love it make more

I great fan of JTHM and happy noodle boy. make more of them including the one when he goes to the funeral! that one would work. just work on the sound alignment and it's perfece. You is my bruddah!