Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

Very Interesting flash

Very interesting style. I like some of the dialogue. However, I must point out that randomness does not equate humour.

Adequate amount of violence.

As a fan of John Vasquez's work you did great

This was a pleasure to watch and also it was right on the money of the Happy Noodle Boy way. Also i loved the opening before the movie, i was not expecting that at all. This was definately some good work though; only a few complaints on my part but thats about it. My main complaint was with the car scene, there seemed to be a little too much time before impact but the impact was good nonetheless. Besides from that, the movie was awesome and all fans of Happy Noodle Boy should watch this. HAIL Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim!

Bodie responds:

thanks, its great to hear that a fan of Jhonen Vasquez actually likes it, most of the JTHM fans dont like it, i dont know why, perhaps they can't stand to see something not penned down by the great man himself.... sad... sad.

noodle boy rocks!!!

i love noodle boy so anything with noodle boy in it is awsome.


"i am like a flying potatoe"

amazing. :]

^_^ :D lol

lol i loved it and i mean i love happy noodle boy its just that its not how i imagined it