Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"


your great man keep it up, can't wait to see more of your stuff. prepare all asses for vicious entry

Bodie responds:

thanks, just remember while i did bring it to life... jhonen vasquez thought it up first... :) i got yelled at last time for not saying this enough... time to make the goth people happy.


The noodle thing was ok...but the kicking of the cat was the best that just deserves a movie by itself


wow that was kinda funny...............yep
only kinda funny not the best or anything but enough to get
me to review it though

I don't know....But i don't like it

BANG lolz you rock.

i have the same book that that was in.

really i do its called "johnny the homicidal maniac" HOORAY FOR HAPPY NOODLE BOY!!!!!!!