Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"


anywho, the only real problem i noticed ((other than the sound)) was the timing. take out the delays and its a definate favorite. hope to see some more soon.

Bodie responds:

i've never been able to fix delays, it runs perfect when i play it from flash but then when i put it online it usually delays a bit... any help would be appreciated... msn is eidob@hotmail.com

Not great

I love Happy Noodle Boy, but...
You could've done better. The voice was not very good, and you could work a bit on the animation itself.


Not very good sound but it was alright.


i hate you. you have killed my favorite character from jhonen with that crappy-ass voice acting hes supposed to be crazy and hyper. i hate you now.

Bodie responds:

aww, while we're hating people for stupid reasons... i hate you too... because your name has chibi in it...


The animation was smooth but the voices ruined it and the graphics lacked any detail.

Yes I have read JTHM but noodle boy is FAR more detailed than you made him, even for a stick figure.