Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"


okay, i will admit it is cheating taking something you didn't create and making a movie out of it, but it was pretty funny... i enjoyed seeing noodle boy in real live action... and you did give credit to jhonen, so i guess it's okay. now, i dodn't know if you did this on purpose or not, but the vocals are so terrible that it just makes it funnier. but if that's NOT what you were trying to do, then that's kinda sad. any ways it was good for some laughs!!

Not bad

The Noodle Boy thing, the actual flash, was alright. But what caught my eye was the beginning credit part where the dude kicked the cat. Just the sound it made and watching the guy kick the cat I started laughing so hard I missed the whole movie and had to watch it again. But not a bad job with the movie.

Bodie responds:

hehe, i love it too... i thought it up from a story my dad told me about this time his cousin booted the next door's cat over the fence because it kept ripping up their yard.

Um, its alright.

it wasn't so understandable to me, until i watched it a few times, it was very funny, the funniest bit when he gets hit by the car lol. it was well cool. i hope it get saved

Bodie responds:

it wasnt really meant to be understandable... just meant to give you a little laugh in your day.

I'd have to agree with the last guy...

I think that Happy Noodle Boy is supposed to have a loud, psychotic voice. Like that of a crazy crackhead. Or Gilbert Gotfried. Anyway, you did an okay job.

Bodie responds:

yeah, i might get my friend to do the voice next time, i'm not the most exciting sounding person and i'm not the sort of person that could put on too much of a fake voice, thanks for the feedback.

Good!could use a little work though.

The graphics stayed pretty consistant with that page, but a bit of it didn't look right to me, but then again, my eyes aren't very good.
The style is baisically the same as graphics. the sound need work, the second sentence was overthrown by cars.the humor was fine, seeing as it is happy noodle boy. my mom thought it was funny, and she thought it looked like the comic. overall noodley goodness.