Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

I never really liked HNB...

However, you did a good job of bringing him to life.
...Except for his voice.
I always pictured his voice as somewhat more high-pitched and annoying
And, of course, I am always right.

Bodie responds:

thanks, sorry i didnt meet your expectations on the voice, but its pretty hard getting the voice right for everyone when the voice doesnt exist :P.

what were you on?

wierd movie. apparently incoherency makes for good humor. voices could have used some work.


Randomness is always seens to be funny, in this case its like a flying potato of randomness.


it was to much like invader zim and the guy who makes thats comics so i cant realy give its own real orignality. But it was still goooood


okay, i will admit it is cheating taking something you didn't create and making a movie out of it, but it was pretty funny... i enjoyed seeing noodle boy in real live action... and you did give credit to jhonen, so i guess it's okay. now, i dodn't know if you did this on purpose or not, but the vocals are so terrible that it just makes it funnier. but if that's NOT what you were trying to do, then that's kinda sad. any ways it was good for some laughs!!