Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

r u serious!

the jokes were stupid flash horrible point none


i hate you. you have killed my favorite character from jhonen with that crappy-ass voice acting hes supposed to be crazy and hyper. i hate you now.

Bodie responds:

aww, while we're hating people for stupid reasons... i hate you too... because your name has chibi in it...

that was...

awesome, i like it. make more, improve the sound quality

that was original

pretty good

Um, its alright.

it wasn't so understandable to me, until i watched it a few times, it was very funny, the funniest bit when he gets hit by the car lol. it was well cool. i hope it get saved

Bodie responds:

it wasnt really meant to be understandable... just meant to give you a little laugh in your day.