Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

Somethings just not right...

Ok, it had potential... For starters if you check Noodle Boy is credited as being drawn and written by Johnny C. (An obvious joke) That being said, wouldn't he be a bit more... manical? He just kinda rambled on the entire time. Slowly, I might add. If you fix the audio problems, why not make him a bit more hyper? Possibly have him yelling a bit more like he does in the source material. Apart from that I liked the job you did with the characters designs. It has potential, I just think it needs more work.


I don't think you really did justice to the character. Happy Noodle Boy screams at innocent bystanders (cats, dogs, grass, phone poles,etc). He does not drone on monotonously. Psst...psst... act,act. The animation is not alltogether ungood. Just work on the sound. It is also not just "The Goths", as you put it , who like Jhonen Vasquez and his work. Give credit where it is due, just don't be an ass about it.

Bodie responds:

I know its not just the goths that like jthm, perfect example is me, i like it and i'm far from goth. i'm sorry if i seemed like too much of an ass about it but you probably didnt see what they said last time i submitted this flash... it was just plain unfair to me.

yay noodle boy!

I'm a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez,his stuff is always hilarious. You did a fine job bringing one his more insane characters to life. My only real complaint was that the audio was kinda crappy. Other than that the actual content was really funny. great job dude!

Bodie responds:

once i have purchased my drawing tablet, i'll get a decent microphone and learn how to do nice audio :P thanks for the feedback.

As a fan of John Vasquez's work you did great

This was a pleasure to watch and also it was right on the money of the Happy Noodle Boy way. Also i loved the opening before the movie, i was not expecting that at all. This was definately some good work though; only a few complaints on my part but thats about it. My main complaint was with the car scene, there seemed to be a little too much time before impact but the impact was good nonetheless. Besides from that, the movie was awesome and all fans of Happy Noodle Boy should watch this. HAIL Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and Invader Zim!

Bodie responds:

thanks, its great to hear that a fan of Jhonen Vasquez actually likes it, most of the JTHM fans dont like it, i dont know why, perhaps they can't stand to see something not penned down by the great man himself.... sad... sad.


Listen, I'm going to tell you something, I don't say this about very many flash movies, but I have to tell you....I loved that.

That was one of the best flashes I've seen in a while...maybe not in graphics, but definitely in humour.

You have my fifen.

Bodie responds:

thanks man, its been strange reading the reviews since i put it on... theres people who love it, people who absolutely hate it, the thing is that the people who love it give reasons :P.