Reviews for "Happy Noodle Boy"

For the people who dont know:

This is based off of a comic that is very awsome/random, Happy noddle boy is one of the mini-comics in this comic as for the animation, awsome!

Bodie responds:

i actually mentioned this in the description, thanks for the feedback though.

what were you on?

wierd movie. apparently incoherency makes for good humor. voices could have used some work.


anywho, the only real problem i noticed ((other than the sound)) was the timing. take out the delays and its a definate favorite. hope to see some more soon.

Bodie responds:

i've never been able to fix delays, it runs perfect when i play it from flash but then when i put it online it usually delays a bit... any help would be appreciated... msn is eidob@hotmail.com


Randomness is always seens to be funny, in this case its like a flying potato of randomness.


I really like noodles, But I really hate stick movies. For the rest.. it has potential, but you should work it out more