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Reviews for "Samus and Company"

Great work. Way cool.

Hey great job. I liked it, keep up the good work.

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks pops ;)


Good stuff dude keep it up and make the next one longer... and maybe still have mario but scrap samus (even if there are a lot fewer samus flashes than mario ones.)

PicosGhost responds:

I'll keep that in mind... im still kinda lost as to what to do for a storyline so any help is appreciated :P

this was nice

if you can tell me what sprite sheets you have i can support with a storyline

PicosGhost responds:

Right now i only have Mario and Samus Sprite sheets and some of which i made my own... like an angry mario and stuff like that. Also i have Ken from street fighter, enemies from the Mario games,Halo stuff, etc. I can animate awesome i just cant think of storylines, so there's your answer! :D

Ha ha he died

Samsung died.... ha ha... this is just too good to miss... nice one man... although I hate sprite movies this one is a lot better than the once made from others... sprits are mostly noob work, but this one is really good... you have gona over the expectations... good job :D

PicosGhost responds:

thanks for not using your hate for sprite movies to affect your rating :P thanks for the eight and the words of wisdom. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ahhh too short!

But very well done! I don't usually review sprites, but you're in luck because I'm in a good mood today and very willing to review your movie!

Graphics/Animation: 8
I generally base my graphics/animation scale of the top best graphics and animation for flashes I've ever seen (which are generally those on the Top 50) so if this seems a little low don't seem discouraged, a 8 is actually fairly high! Everything from the beginning was great though because the character movements were perfect, and everything looked smooth. I liked especially when there was an explosion and the pressure from the explosion threw her into the wall. Great job with the effects in this movie. The backgrounds were dull, but hey that's sprites for you. Another important thing you did was you spellchecked. I can't emphasize enough how extremely important a good spellcheck is when it comes to making sprites. Great job in this area, but if you add a little more to the special effects of your flashes, your graphics/animation score will go from an 8 to a 10 in no time. Nice work here!

Audio: 10
All of the sounds were exactly where they belonged and there were even sounds where they somewhat didn't belong, but trust me, this is what you want. I'm so huge on reviewing for sounds because they're so important. Audio is key to a good flash, especially sprites. An important sound I noticed was when Samus ran into the next room, heard the crash, and then heard the "mushroom" sound? I think it was? Well, whatever it was it was a key sound that gave the viewer an idea of what Samus was about to encounter. This was key to the movie so nice job. The music was also very well done, all of the music in all of the right spots, and it sounded very clear. You did a great job in this area, please keep up the good work here!

Story: 7
It was a very understandable plot, but it seemed to have been missing some things, such as how did Mario get there? And why are they battling? These are just two of many questions that you should be asking yourself when you make the flash. I understand it was a fairly short flash, but try and make a bigger storyline so that the viewer understands exactly what is going on. Too many sprite artists out there try and make such a simple plot not realizing how crucial it is. Hopefully in your next flash it will be at least a little bit more detailed in the Story department.

Originality: 5
This is a low score because there is just so much Samus and Mario out there in sprites, but this is another area where you shouldn't be discouraged. This usually doesn't count towards your overall score, but I add it in because I like to really see originality. If you throw in some randomness with something, anything, then it will be original. Your flash, however, was somewhat more serious, and did not need the extra randomness to make it "original." Nice work either way.

Overall: 8/10
I'd say if you got an 8/10 after 1-2 years of not creating flashes, then your doing pretty damn good. You've got a lot of talent for making sprites, and I'm really looking forward to anything that you come out with in the future. Just one important thing is: LISTEN TO YOUR REVIEWERS!!!! If we're all asking for the same thing...give it to us! I feel like your the type of person who will listen to us, and give us what we want in terms of improvement, which is something that will win your awards. Great job man, honestly. Bring me more, and soon!

p.s. Your score was looking a little low...so I fivened. 2.28 is better than a 2.27 any day.

\Review Request Club/

PicosGhost responds:

Wow, amazing review. One of the longest, in depth reviews I've ever seen. Time to explain!

Graphics/Animation: First on the agenda, making all the damn animated sprites. That was definitely what took a huge chunk of my time. Being my first flash, I had to make everything from scratch. It was a real adventure making them all perfectly animated, haha.

Audio: Well I'm glad you thought it was good. Third only to animating everything, and having a story, this was the hardest part of the flash. I thought the final product was very well sounding, and apparently you did too, so thanks a lot! Btw, it was a "1-up"/extra life sound, not a mushroom :P

Story: Sadly, this is extremely hard for me. Making a story is one of the toughest things to do, at least in my opinion. But there is hope! In my sequel, I'm pretty sure everything is going to be explained. I completely agree with you though, a story is of the utmost importance. My next one is going to have an understandable and comprehensive story.

Originality: Not much to be said here other than, you're right. But when I originally made this flash, I hadn't seen many Samus and Mario flashes, so I decided to go that way. I'm just thankful that it didn't have a huge impact on my score, so thanks! :)

Overall: Thanks a lot man, encouragement is key to success and inspiration. I like hearing stuff like that. My only question is; what exactly are my reviewers looking for? The only request I've seen is from you, and as I said before, I'm definitely going to improve in all those areas in my next flash. I definitely am the person that will listen to his reviewers.

Thanks for the review, it's extremely helpful. I hope you see more of my flashes in the future :) And the thanks a lot for your vote! I feel my score should be higher than what it is :P