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Reviews for "Samus and Company"

Not bad.

Sprite movies...These have to be good for me to personally like them and this was ok, but nothing spectacular. I can see this is your first submission so i guess i can cut you some slack. My first question is why? Why did Mario and Samus suddenly fight on a Metroid based homeworld, doesnt really make any sense. You need to work on storylines. :)

Graphically this was good, sprites usually look good and its hard to make a sprite look out of proportion or badly coloured so theres not much i can say about this in the way of graphics. The animation was decent enough, could of been a bit smoother in the running and jumping though. One thing that bothered me is Samus seemed to be running really slow. :P
I liked the speech, putting the dialogue in those litle boxes looks far more professional than speech bubbles and such. Makes it much easier to read as well.

The sound was good, music is fast paced and fits well witht he panicked start, and the classic metroid music is good too. The sound effects are great, put in well and they all fit great. I especially liked the sound of Samus's gun clicking as it was empty, and Mario's fireballs. Also i liked the explosions :P

Overall not a bad sprite flash for a beginner, you need to work slightly on your animation and also on your plot and basic storyline, otherwise its hard to keep people watching. But i liked it. :)

Graphics - 7
Animation - 6
Sound - 8

[Review Request Club]

PicosGhost responds:

Yea, i know it really wasn't spectacular. But remember ,this was in '05, I'm not sure whether or not V-Cam was available yet. Thanks for the slack! Haha. But, as for the "why", that will be explained in my sequel, I promise.

Yea, most sprite movie graphics are all the same stuff :P But I never get tired of the retro look. I actually never played Metroid before '05! Thats why Samus was running so slow. But in my sequel, I think she may still run slow. You know, to keep shit on an even-keel with Mario's speed. Or I might give her a scene where she gets a power-up or something. Not too sure yet :P. I'm glad you liked the dialogue technique. Most people I've spoken to have liked it, so I won't disappoint in my sequel.

Thanks, can't say much about the sound that I haven't already adressed in earlier reviews, but I'm glad everyone thinks it was all well placed. Doing that took a chunk of time to make it perfect. Samus' clicking gun was something I thought people would enjoy, so good thing you did :)

I will work on everything you've suggested. Thanks a lot for your review, it honestly helps. Good thing you liked it, I hope the sequel doesn't disappoint like most sequels usually do!


Since you've requested it.

Overall i thought it was well animated. The shakey screen BG was odd at times, it would've looked better if it was a bit less radical. The story didn't make much sense to me either, but hey, who am i to judge good storylines ;). Overall it was good, i liked the fight scene animation. And for the matrix effect you shoulda got the bullet time sound effect for when he ran up the wall.

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks for listening to my request :D I though it was well animated too, I'm glad you did. The shakey scene is completely random. So one time you watch it, it'll shake one way, and yet next time, another way. The story... there wasn't one at this time haha, so I can see why it didn't make much sense :P That's a good idea now that you mention it, I never considered Matrix sounds. Well, I look forward to further reviews from you in the future, and look forward to reviewing your next Koopa world flash :)

Not bad

First, I have to say that I don't like sprite movies a lot. No special reasons, I just don't find them amusing.

Yours was quite good. I can't say anything about the graphics, since they're sprites. But you used the sprites in a nice way, better than some I've seen. The battle scene was alright, but I didn't understand why were they fighting. I expect the sequel to explain it. =)

The music was nice, I liked the ending one mostly. I also liked the sounds you used from Mario, good addition.

It was a short movie, so I suggest that the sequel is longer than this one. I also suggest you to make another batlle scene, this one didn't last long. Use more sprites, don't stick only to Mario and Samus. Good movie, but I want to see a better sequel.

(Review Request Club}

PicosGhost responds:

Well thanks for the input :) The sequel should indeed explain why they were fighting. I've been a bit discouraged about using sprites lately, but I think I'll finish this story before I consider changing anything.

Yea the last song was my favorite too :P It took me a while to put all the sounds in the right spots, but I'm pretty happy with the result. Everything was timed pretty well.

I'm hoping the sequel will be longer, and I'm pretty sure it will be. This battle was so short because I was mainly goofing around. I'll definitely use more sprites. I'm thinking of using a bunch of Mario characters and enemies, but we'll see what happens.

Thanks a lot for your review :)


Poor guy

A nice sprite movie.

Super cool sound, like it very much, the music is great 10/10

The graphics are nice, cool great, mega effects.

The humor is kinda strange but funny.

You got a few cons, first of all he runs verticaly on the wall, he's dialog box is badly drawn, and others, But in generaly nice. 7

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks for the input, I love reviews more than anything, so i appreciate that.

Yea, the effects I thought I nailed. It was pretty tough syncing everything (sounds + explosion animations for example) up and making it flow naturally.

Humor... eh, that's something I realized I didn't address as nicely as I could, but if you look close enough, it is there.

I did the vertical wall run for like a Matrix-esque effect. I guess it could have been better. The dialog box... that's the only thing I'm gonna have to disagree with. I thought it was nice :P

All in all, thanks for your review! I just have a question for you. How did you find my flash?


It's a nice flash and you used the sprites very well. The animations were very smooth and when both characters fought each other the movements of both fitted very well together.

I liked the way you put the text in. Definatly better than just writing the text in little speech bubbles ;) .

Only thing that bothered me is: Why did they fight? And why didn't Mario say a thing?
Ah well, I guess you were sorta just messing around here for your first flash, so I will kindly overlook that. :P

{ Review Request Club }

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks a lot. That's obviously what any artist aims to achieve; fluid animation. I'm glad you think I did it well. I've already explained in other review responses the long, grueling proccess of putting all the sprites together to achieve such an effect :P

Yea, that whole text thing I put in just so it would capture the viewer's eye. And apparently it did! :P But unfortunately, that takes a whole bunch of time so in the sequel, I'm actually reverting back to the boring, ill reviewed text as popups... for now. That may change later.

Fret not about the reason for the fight, the sequel will thoroughly explain everything, mainly through the use of flashbacks and other techniques. I actually was just messing around when I made this lol. But now I think I've got a solid story established, and I can finally move forward. I'm not really sure why Mario didn't say anything. I think I did that because he rarely EVER speaks in video games, save for his "mama-mia" and other what have you's. But again, fret not. In the sequel, he will have the power of speech :)

Thanks for your review amigo, I appreciate the feedback.