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Reviews for "Samus and Company"

Not really a story

but.. Good sprite animation, it was quite a basic point of view .. I reccomend using something like a V cam or something. Try adding some action like explosions and stuff that would make it better i think. Great job.


PicosGhost responds:

It's JURIAN! What's up Mr. Music Himself? :) Thanks for your review. I know, I really had no story, and no plot line whatsoever. But I've managed to remedy that in my sequel, so you're in luck :) I've said this in earlier reviews, but this was submitted in '05. Back in '05, I really don't think there was a V-Cam. I don't think there was, but I could be wrong, I don't know. But I searched all over for something like V-Cam, and I found absolutamente nada. I'll definitely do as you asked, because... you're all asking for the same thing! I'll give my viewers what they deserve :)

Thanks for your review. If you ever have any other suggestions, PM me with them or maybe even some advice! I look forward to reviewing more of your music, and you reviewing more of my flashes. :).



An alright sprite movie, just missing a few key ingredients for greatness.

The graphics were good, but you could've manipulated the sprites alot more. They just seemed to be like sprites and not actual characters. Another feature that would've been nice, would've been the inclusion of an action cam, or some sort of zooming in the main characters. Simple because you do see alot of nothing this way.

The sound was good, a nice selection of songs, and a good choice of random sounds.

The story seemed not to make much sense, just an excuse for random violence. I would've liked to see it worked on a little bit longer. Bit still a pretty decent flash movie. Good job

=Review Request Club=

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks Shanus. This is a good review and it helps me.

I know I could have manipulated them much more, but these were the days when I couldn't edit a sprite to save my life. And, I'll be honest, I'm still not too amazing at editing sprites all that much. I've said this in earlier reviews that I've responded to today, but I don't think V-Cam or anything of that nature was out in '05. Unless I didn't search properly. Because I remember asking all around how to zoom in and all that stuff, but the only answers I ever recieved were "Tween this, tween that, blah blah blah blah blah blah." :P. My next submission however, does utilize V-Cam, so expect better action that way.

Yea, I really enjoyed putting the sound in, even though it took me a large amount of time to make everything fit just so, I'm happy with the outcome. Don't kill me, but the reason Samus' weapon sounded the way it did was, I never even played Metroid prior to '05, so I had no idea how it was supposed to sound, haha!

Alas, there was no story when I made this flash. But I've somehow managed to make a story out of it in the sequel, so kudos to me! :P. Believe it or not, I didn't rush while making this flash at all. It took me a REALLY long time. Mostly because I was new to flash, but also because I don't rush my work. It would have been ten times more terrible had I rushed it.

All in all, I appreciate your advice, and thanks for your review :)

Good animation - needs more plot

This isn't bad from the animation / sprite manipulation point of view. You've shown a good grasp of the techniquest needed to get the look right, all you need now is the writing to add some enjoyment to it all.

Let's face it, this submission is little more than a glorified fight scene, so if you can take it further by explaining why Mario and Samus are fighting, it would certainly be appreciated.

[Review Request Club]

PicosGhost responds:

Thanks a lot Mr. Coop! I like when people compliment the animation. It makes me happy! :P. That is precisely what I'm working on in my sequel though, making a storyline, and making it all fit together.

You're right, and I agree with you 100%. This is a glorified fight scene, padded with a bit of dialogue and action. I'll do just that in the sequel, as I've said before, and I hope you all appreciate the work I will have done with it when I finish.


Well most of the sprite animation seems to work well which is good and such but the text has some simple errors and a little poor presentation, having it in a box would have looked a little better, though having the speakers image is good, but none of the others speak, so maybe add some diolog for the others, it would make it a little more intresting.

The actual plot seems a little odd too, others having something to say might fix that problem if you can work a story in there. Also the question mark you had at one point looked drawn with the brush tool, I would suggest using the text tool for that with a pixel font or something that looks like it'd fit in.



= Review Request Club =

PicosGhost responds:

Yes, the sprite animation, in my opinion, was well animated, and took quite a bit of my time, I'm glad it paid off :) As for the text, can you tell me what these errors were? Was it the "What's going ON?!" without the apostrophe? ' <--- that thing, and the failure to use commas? If so , thanks, I just looked at it again and never even realized that. Most people liked the presentation of the dialogue though, so I'm not too sure I'm going to change it, but I honestly appreciate the input. (I feel like a broken record! haha) But in the sequel, all of these things will be better, I promise you. And it's up to you guys, the people if you will, to judge whether or not I've gone up a step in animation.

I said this in another review I think, but I really had no plot when I set out to do this, haha :P. But I've managed to make a storyline as to why Mario did what he did to Samus, and I won't spoil it here :D. Damn, the q-mark... How did you know I did it with the brush tool? Great eyes! That's a good suggestion, I might go back and change that, and re-submit :)

I could ask for more than 2/5, but I guess my work spoke for itself. Thanks for your review, I'm happy you took the time to write it.

it was okay

really very basic, rigid movments, barley a plot but i understand you were going for the same feel as the old school games but you should have at least changed somthing to be more tech. advanced


PicosGhost responds:

First off, thanks for your input. I take everyone's reviews into account and aim to apply the criticism to my flash. That being said, as I said to Mac-attack (Mac2130 :P), this was in the days before V-came I believe, so I used what arsenal I had. Thanks for your understanding :P I promise you, the sequel will be better :)