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Reviews for "Samus and Company"


why would you kill an althetic, smart, hot, and beautiful woman, and a fatass eating weed and setting your hands on fire is gonna kill her seriosly samus is smarter than that, Id F*** her brains out.

PicosGhost responds:

It was just improv; I did whatever came to me at that moment, and this is what I made. Haha, sorry you hated it though. Pretty unfair rating just cause you have a crush on Samus! Thank you for the review, I appreciate it anyway.

not too bad

well i'm ok with samus dying but to mario the mushroom drug addict....not gonna work......and samus has infinite ammo except 4 the missles and p-bombs.....but still it was a good movie

PicosGhost responds:

Like I told MysticNinja in an earlier review, I'm sorry you thought she ran out of ammo. That's not at all what I intended. I understand though, why people thought that. I know all about her, I'd NEVER make her run out of ammo :P Thank you for the review man, and the not-so-great score. I do appreciate them all, good or bad.

I hate you

I hate it when people kill Samus in their vids.

PicosGhost responds:

AW, what a biased review. Reviews are supposed to be unbiased and fair my man. Anyway, thanks for watching :)

Not that good, but something

samus doesn't run out of ammo in just like 2 shots, and her begging to MARIO!? Of all the people, why him???

PicosGhost responds:

Damn dude, better late than never am I right? Hahaha. My response to your review, ONLY a year and a half later!: Samus didn't run out of ammo. That clicking was her gun jamming up. Sort of a "Fuck You" from the big man himself. I never even considered her running out of ammo but I can see why people did. Thank you for the review, and the lousy score haha. Believe it or not, I love all reviews, good or bad :)

simply not enough

decent animation while it lasted. samus doesnt exactly run out of ammo that easily thow so thats what i hated the most about it.

PicosGhost responds:

Hey, sorry it's taken me 3 and a half+ years to respond to your review. Samus did not run out of ammo. Her gun jammed up. I realize that I did not make that clear in the movie however, so I don't fault you for thinking she was out of ammo haha. I appreciate your review. Feedback is better than nothing at all. Thank you!