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Reviews for "Green Ball's Adventure"

I'm so tired of these so-called "games".

Where should I start? The choice of music is average at best, no sound effects, no backgrounds, physics so simple you only move in 8 directions, sprites that wouldn't even look good in a modern art museum, and overall the game is so boring that I quit after dying to the second boss and having to start over. Even the crap I made when I first got Klik & Play was more enjoyable than THIS. Honestly, if I see anymore of these balls jumping on one-color platforms, I'll join the Newgrounds staff and delete every god damn one of them myself. If you were willing to work on this some more, I'd suggest to enhance the physics, add a background or two, and maybe a checkpoint after each of the "bosses".

boney-man responds:

Even though you gave it a 1, I thank you for the constructive criticism. A lot of idiots never offer that.

are ball games becoming a series?

first there was "red ball" then a few days ago i saw "red balls adventure 2" not red ball 2. now "green balls adventure" did you do the scripting? or did you do rystics code or the one found in like every single tut? red ball was good cause it had the "hover" move. but platformers are always fun, so here it is, what they always say abott these games: it was fun but work on the graphis and drawing. hope to see more platformers from u soon!

boney-man responds:

Yes, I made my own engine and coded everything myself. I did not just copy-and-paste code. It was all done manually. This game will have a sequel, Green Ball's Adventure II, and that one will be a vertical-scrolling space shooter!! Hope you see that one, too. It'll be A LOT better. Thanks for the 7!


i have some constructive criticism...one problem was that the game was to easy to beat, make it so theres only one way to beat each level...another thing to fix is taht the ball can move freely as ure falling...make it so u have to jump to each area, not be able to float and move freely...also there were some glitches such as falling through platforms sometimes...also the boss was to easy...and try to make something a bit better looking than balls...you may also want to make it so your character moves with the platforms...otherwise you go on them but they move without you...defintly needs some work...

boney-man responds:

thanks for the constructive criticism

Very Buggy

I liked the music and moving green blocks but this game has tons of bugs/flaws.

1. You can skip platforms
2. You can move into platforms by going into their sides or undernieth.
3. Sometimes I couldn't go to the next level and got stuck on the level I was on (happened on the first level 3 times).

boney-man responds:



Seems like a really good idea, the guy got stuck in the bars a lot and he didnt move right on the elevators. Small things that just made it suck...

boney-man responds: