Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

Eat my piss.

The most easy to get into Firth animation. Why? Because while it is random, like all David Firth films naturally are, it isn't exactly disturbing. And the art style, while indeed weird, isn't off-putting. Call it a free sample platter to his insane, at times hilarious, and at times unsettling world.

What an excellent lesson on the importance of communication within relationships. If the cat had only made his feelings known earlier, everyone might've avoided some discomfort, but I guess it's not always easy to speak up, especially when people aren't as understanding as that lady was.

That being said, the little pipes that kept acting like they were going to penetrate someone really got in my head. Glad I don't have those in my dreams.

This animation is wonderful. Unlike other media (movies, tv shows, etc) the surprisingly deep 'Sock' series runs on dream logic and experimental art, and focuses on nonsensical, unconnected, situations which really do resemble dreams with their steady balance of surrealism, dark humor, and plain out nightmare fuel, things commonly found in your animations. However, the art style for this episode I found overly simplistic and bland, but the entire thing had a fast pace, compelling gags, and pitch perfect dreamy atmosphere. In short, great episode, Doki.

it was....

very interesting to watch, thats for sure :3.... i have learned that my cat does not like to be a machine gun... wonder if my dog feels the same way about this... hmm