Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

So good

You dream of the weirdest, most random but coolest things


I am a long-time fan of David Firth, and I consider the socklops series to be one of his finest, this one is such a glass of warm chololate to the guttiwuts....

Art is genious, animation fluid and unconventional, concept of morphing architectore is maniac, voices are trés magnifique, the plot, the uncontrollable unfolding of a dream, this I consider to be one of my favorite works.

One of your best

This is one of my favorite flashes of yours. I have watched it over and over more than any other of your flashes. I know you said it was just an experiment and that you rambled on but the vibe this flash gives, I can't shake. It gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling. These are my favorite kinds of dreams to have. You translate that to flash so well. The writing is off-the-wall and random, but isn't that what a dream is? I love how everyone goes along with the crazy stuff going on. Like the dog eating the cheese, just chillin ya know? I really wish you made more stuff like this, warm fuzzy surreal stuff. I love Salad Fingers and all your shorts you do, but this, this is special to me. I wouldn't mind seeing you make more stuff like this. The creepy strange stuff is cool, but it's not as replayable to me as this is, which I watch every now and then for good measure. You're one of my favorite artists and I aspire to be like you. And you can do whatever you want, but this is the kind of stuff from you I love the most.

Stumbled across the ptikobj font

The ptikobj font is called "Sudbury Basin", if anyones interested.

Oh yeah, review - its a good cartoon. Nice style of animation, a nice change from the dark cartoons you usually make.


haha the bit where she was using the cat as a machine gun was well funny.. I liked the way it was animated too.. :)