Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


Random but i liked it. Haha i started cracking up whn that lady used her cat like a machine gun. HILARIOUS! plz make more.

My favourite flash of all time

I just wish you made Ptikobj into an ongoing series. Give me Ptikobj 2!

fucking brilliant

what else could describe this better.

My favourite one of these.

This is definitely my favourite Sock episode, probably because it reminds me the most of my own dreams, with unrelated occurrences and whatnot.

You really captured the absurdity of dreams. I loved the way the characters looked too, it really added to the dreamlike atmosphere. Definitely one of your best cartoons.


I first saw this posted on your site years ago. Me and my friend had a little running joke over this, our security question for a long time (to confirm each other's identity) was "There's a WHAT trapped in my guitar?". All this time later, it's just as awesome. One thing that really bugs me, what is that song at the end and WHERE do I get a hold of it? Completely insane though, and I loved all of this. Keep making flash Mr Firth, the world would be so much more boring without you.