Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

I saw this a little while ago!

At, well, telling would be promotion, eh? lol... Anyway, I remembered it being just as weird as it is to me now, so all is well with my memory. Which is good. Although, as previously stated, this flash is, needless to say, odd, I enjoyed it very much because of the randomosity involved. "Organs in Mains"... To me as of just now- Classic!


Hahaha! So damn good! "There's a dog trapped inside your guitar" Lol!

i love firtth.

rofl. ur animations were always quite distrubing but i always find it absolutely hilarious. eat my piss? rofl.
salad fingers was alsome.

Not from this world. But good.

After watching this, I stopped, looked at nothing and asked myself: "What the fuck?"

These nonsense flashes twist my mind. But good flash anyway.

Just when I thought you've hit a wall.

Well David, I'll be honest. I've admired you're work and you're style. However, recently I've felt that you may have exhausted you're theme, being that your other series seem very similar with just different chracters (although, I love the execution of the hand-drawn paper).

Then you hit me with this short. It's refreshingly different, yet eerily similar. It's easy to tell it's a "Firth Film," yet it seems to run perpendicular to your other shorts, which is very nice.

Nice work and thank you,