Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


This makes WTF a compliment. Good work,hope to see more.

i like these creepier works

But I swear I laughed so hard when I saw that lady using that cat like a machine gun, lol

say what now?

I didn't understand a single thing in this cartoon...

...but that's what I loved about it! :D

absolutely wonderful...

i can never tire of watching this.

When Randomness goes Right!

I saw this ages ago on Weebl's Stuff and thought it was wicked. Me and my mates kept saying 'Oh s**t I'm trapped in your guitar liiiiike." at school for weeks after watching it. We got some funny looks needless to say. I love your voice acting and sense of humour. It's scary at times though.

Salad Fingers... :S