Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


not as good as the rest of your stuff imho, but the girl using the cat as a machine gun was funny, made me laught anyways :)


Alexoron05 shut your fucking mouth. I thought it was a really nice peice of work and a very interesting style that could be used to make some even more awsome cartoons. good job. gave this one a 1 for violence since that guy selling tapes dies!

:P reminds me of a guy on my bus

Man that was funny, make more!

I especially liked the mustache guy hilarious u get a 5 man. The song was good also

Virtual cheesecake

And god damn I love cheesecake. Best random flash ever.. animation was smooth, humor was funny.

Organs in mains.


im gald you finaly decide to submit this, i saw this on your site ages ago. are you gonna submit socks one?? i think u should but dont let me tell you what to do.