Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

I'm glad I dont have your dreams.

You are one sick twisted individual and I love you for it

if i could choose MY dreams

well they would be about gold and silver i suppose

The evolution of David Firth

The dialogue is superb. That's the strongest element in your work; the mouth words. Frankly I found this to surpass your other works, as if perhaps there's been a sublte maturing of ideas and conceptual techniques. It's not laying it on as thick as say, salad fingers for instance. Not that your other work is bad; far from it. It just seems that this piece moves in a direction that evolves your work into something much more sophisticated. Perhaps it benefits from the more spontaneous "getting carried away."

kick ass!

i thought it was good! i like it, it was odd and random.

dis shit

ROCKED keep em coming. greatest man greatest