Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

What was that about!

I am honestly a great fan of Firth, this is different but nonetheless good, but I have to ask whats with those cable pipe looking things coming out of everything? and the way they talk is kind of trippy also


This is one of Firths GREATEST!!! I could watch this again and again! Sock Series ROCKS!!! The dog trapped in the guitar is definately the highlight!

now i wanna imagine a world made by you

we would be able to shoot cats and everything would be creepily different then we would all die in mysterious ways like in all your flashes

hahaha eat my piss

i love dreams

"Organs in mains"... egads

"there's a dog trapped in your guitar"... which is not a dream?
Dream logic makes for a lovely narrative. Does it make sense? Nary a bit.
But it does call upon laughter, for the voicework is brilliant and the timing spot on.