Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


My favourite in the series. Wicked departure from your usual style - very fluid and fun.


Fantastic and inspiring. This truly is art.

Very nice.

Probably one of the lighter Firth shorts, with a lot of wonderfully absurd humor. The way the animation flows together replicates the experience of dreaming pretty much perfectly.

Really, another pretty damn good flash from Firth.

id dream about

worms and cake...
and then the worms would turn into jello and a cat would eat them then eat a frog that would eat the worms inside the cats tummy but he would die because the worms were made of jello


your animations are the best!!!!!!!!!!1
and this is the first time ive seen anyone animate dreams. i've tried to write about mine or even draw them but they never make any sense...... and my that im saying this made sense.

keep up the good work!!!!!