Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"


The new charater design was good, but the stuff in the background was much better. It was random but it didn't have your funny-violent kind of random.

yes. i see. a dog is trapped in your guitar..

very firthy indeed. if you didnt get salad fingers you wont get this i garuntee you.

Extreme Randomness

That is the most random thing I've seen in years. BRILLIANT!

I love the "eat my piss"part at the end.

Disturbingly weird

That's all i can say for this cartoon. i especially like the way how you made them talked. it's quite unique, it's almost like they're talking through their robotic speaker mouth instead of a human mouth.


ahh that was great loved the bit with the cat and the woman using it as a machine gun. "eat my piss" what a great quote