Reviews for "Sock Episode 2: Ptikobj"

Clapping my Feet

Claymation, wtf??

Anyway, quite a load of funtime was found within this animation. Cakes and biscuits were amusing when the mouthpieces moved in sequence when the talk talk began.

Very unusual in most part, finding strange insurances throughout. Lots of creativity and randomness. I keep thinking to the mouthtalks... And the inamused cat. (inamused, yes, no) ... Typing hurts my skeleton. I will humm the rest of my review... Hmm hmmmm, hmmmmm hmm hmmmmm hmm.


i think it would be really good in claymation, you should try it.
i loved the humor.
and no, i don't want any tapes.


My favourite. Love the voice acting. I think I like the man selling tapes best, and the dog stuck in the guitar.


I liked the cat part. simply hilarious

There was a dog in my cheese

The randomness is what makes it so funny. I especially liked the cat machine gun and the dog in the guitar.