Reviews for "Denvish: Powers of a Mod"


exactly, and this is crap. i mean, just because you are a flash author and he isn't dosent make your crappy flash any better. its just somebody elses song and a simple game engine. not really all that interesting or fun. besides, you dont have 18 in the portal you only have 5. well, maybe 4 or 5 that made it and 13 that were blammed.
graphics : text, the crappiest gun ive ever seen, and bad quality bmp images.
style: copied stuff, no style
sound: cool music, but you practically base your game off of its succes.
violence: N/A
interactivity: for this, not a bad job but the gun should have Y axis movement.
humor: n/a

SpamBurgeralt responds:

I do have 18 submissions. I just have 5 on my alt.


if people wanted to do this they could just drag their mouses over the banner in the flash portal! AT LEAST THAT MAKES A FART NOISE! YOU CANT HAVE GOOD MEDIA WITHOUT BOUL SOUNDS! good effort tho...

screw it. another game down the drane

it was dumb no fun.just boaring, the only thing that was realy fun was that i got to blam this game...u guys dont get it when people say stop sendin in crap do yea.this barly ranks as a mini game.

SpamBurgeralt responds:

Lets see, you have 0 flash in the portal, and I have 18. I think I know what is complete crap or not.