Reviews for "Denvish: Powers of a Mod"

great song...

i shot about six things but it was the song that caught my attention, see ive been out all night and ive come home ,my girlfriends in bed and im here on newgrounds!! at 3:30am!! i cant remember the song due to drunkness but theres some thing in there about 'im on newgrounds but i really should be in bed' well night night! good song the game has no longevity though, unless fun things happen later after you shoot lots of stuff, ill probably never know!


....well, uhh..hmm..yea......


Mediocre at best. The graphics were pretty basic and the gun could of moved on a Y axis, as mentioned earlier, and it go old fast.


really mods die if they dont kill topics?


Cool game, although I can see the fucking cursor because it's black on red and too fucking small.