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Reviews for "I Like Chinese"

misstake in the characters?

In the partwith the chinese characters, the text is 你好吗, where you wrote 你好嘛
otherwise, I think you should have given the animation either a monty python feel or better flash animation
still a great song

Did not do Monty Python justice.

This submission rode on the goodness of Monty Python, not good animation. This classic song was used by my father (a History teacher) back in the 90s to teach his class about prejudice against Chinese. He used a powerpoint presentation and a laser pointer to illustrate the song, and I must say, it was just as good as this was. There was virtually no animation, so it might as well have been a powerpoint slide. Also, not enough happened. Little to none animation is fine if there are a variety of pictures, but mostly I sat around listening to one of my favorite songs while looking at a still frame picture; i.e., boring. A classic example of this is the very beginning of the song, where nothing happens except the gate opens for a long time. So, ugly red text, little to no effort put into animation, and still pictures do not add up to entertainment value. I've always thought that this song would be a great background for a Flash animation, and I'm still waiting for that Flash animation to come along.

In short, the only good things about this Flash were the song (of course,) and the lyrics (although they were an ugly font and an ugly red color, at least I could sing along!)

Great song, pretty good visual timing ...

Keep goin'!


I'm Asian American, adn that was freaking hilarious. Good stuff

you dont know what your missing

Chinese, tiny trees and knees...god asians are funny (NO OFENSE). I sent this movie to my bud (hes an asian) he loved it, so if he was not offended, you shouldnt be either, very good song