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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "I Like Chinese"

Aww...it's so cute...

Really nice graphic work...and the song's catchy as well!


it was ok...i guese.....but was kinda stupid...

Could be better, could be worse...

Of course after actually reading up a bit of what you wrote about this and seeing how long ago it was made, it wasn't bad. I mean theres just no way the first ones we put out can be automatic winners can they? I Like Monty Python, (and I really DO like Chinese people, culture, etc. so its easier to sing along with this, lol) but it seems like some of the younger people watching this haven't heard of the show at all...*sigh* I feel old.

Plus Eric did get the Zen, and the Bonsai trees parts wrong, Japanese not Chinese, I know...I know...and yes there are tall chinese people out there....*groan* Its meant to be light hearted humor people! Anyways, its a fun song that could have been done better. Thats really all I should have said, I guess...way too long a review.

Narcissus responds:

Thanks, and yes, this was a very early work. I started with Flash 4 and this was done a month or two after.

Seven years later, I'd say I'm doing pretty well, considering how much I'm making. :D

I've just been too busy the past few years professionally to submit anything here... in time, though, I will... ;)


....... why do chinese come to your knees?????????????

funny, but the Chinese words are wrong!

cool video but wazzup with the 'they come up to your knees part, eh?' lolz we do not come up to your knees!!! lolz gj gj!