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Reviews for "I Like Chinese"

Nice video

It's a bit odd watching it now, as the animation looks dated, but it's still enjoyable. It helps that I like Monty Python a lot and this fit the theme for April Fool's Day 2009 well. It's great to look at older stuff you made, Narciussus, and see how you've gotten better with stuff like "Qi". You have tons of experience, so I think it would be awesome if you could make another flash cartoon. It's been so long and we miss you!

good job

Good job, could have done a little better graphic wise. BTW i thought chess was invented somewhere in the middle east?


graphics could have been better and their could have been more detailed animation, but the song is fun to listen to and you took the time to actully time the ball to the words pretty well, The intro scene with the gate lasted a bit too long though, without movement, and I initially suspected that that was going to be the only visual, luckily it wasn't.


Quite the departure from your other works, or rather your other works are quite are a departure from this.

Looking at this retrospectively, the animations that were in place were very good, as well as the amount of content in place.

Brought a smile to face, and reminded me of the first time I watched good ol' Monty

A few of the characters were wrong...

It's %u559C%u6B22 to like something. %u7231 is to love. Also it's %u4F60%u597D%u5417... You had the last character wrong when you said that in the flash. Just thought I would point that out cause I was bored. I promise I'm not trying to be a jerk, just thought I would help. Also great flash... We should all LOVE the chinese! Imagine if the US and China set aside their cultural differences and became best buds. You would have the ultimate economic world alliance!...and earth would be saved with all of it's problems soon to be solved. If only %u6211%u4EEC%u591A%u7231%u4E2D%u56FD%