Reviews for "MDay : Milano Wants You !"



MessiahClock responds:


holy cow

amazing movie, some good songs in there :D saddly i'm not at my house, and i missed out on the wonderful milano day :( swell graphics as usual, and did i see my name? oh me oh my, i'm gushing with happiness at this very moment. {{{messiah}}}

MessiahClock responds:

thanks, too bad you missed out, theres always next year! I put your name in there because you are one of "us". :)


This was on of the best flashes of the day.

Graphics- your FBF was very well done. All of the characters had a lot of effort put into them and were well animated. *Gasp* You also had good lip synching! That's a rarity.
Audio- Very good. Although I think you could have done more with the actual celebrity's voices, or at least some voice actors, instead of Speakonia voices.
Violence- The battle was very well done. Excellent job on it, sir! It was the highlight of the movie.
Humor- Loved the Braveheart and Passion of the Christ references.

Excellent work sir, you are a skilled flash artist

MessiahClock responds:

Thanks F00D!
I appreciate it very much. I wanted real voice actors but this took me longer than expected, so I just decided t use Speakonia, I would'nt have been able to submit it on time. You would make a excelent member of the Milano Crew, if you decided to join! ;)


That was some epic shit. Im'ma go watch the rest. Maybe by the end, I'll know what the fuck's going on. Maybe not. Either way, fucking awesome job.


I liked the movie a lot, but I really wish people would get away from using that type of voice. It takes any real feeling to a movie out of it.

Everything else was great though.