Reviews for "MDay : Milano Wants You !"


Someone was actually able to pull off computer voices well on non- clock/lock/glock etc movies. the animation was good and I thought that it was a good movie overall

MessiahClock responds:

thanks, join the milano crew!



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I gave every single milano movie 10 overall...

..and now, i would have to give you 10000/10 points, because THIS was ........ dude.........this....i mean........wow.

Ok, see, i am german, I don't know that much words in english so, i fear taht i don't know the words, that can describe this movie. Let us just make a little trick, ok ? See, if 1 sheep would be as cool as ... like .... 10 tiems the coolest thing possible, then this wozuld be worth (about)176231923724792452794280742790238480234 sheep.

I am glad, that you are in the Milanocrew, you rock. 5d, fav get (first place(and i have about 70 favs)) fav author get (first place)

Really. Let me try to describe this, maybe in german, i know plenty of german words....

Also: Wunderbar ! Fantastisch ! Göttlich ! Herzzerreisend Toll ! Traumhaft ! Die Spitze aller Flash Filme ! Ich hatl es nicht aus, das ist das beste, was ich je gesehen habe ! Grundgütiger wie genial kein ein Flash Film eigentlich sein ? Ich weiß es nicht, aber dieser hier hebt die Grenze in das unermässliche ! Sagenhaft ! Phänomenal !

However, have a nice day, you deserv it...

Yours sincerly, Duck-Duck-Sheep / Christoph Lorey / Sh33p

....still wow

MessiahClock responds:

Thanks Sheep! I dont understand german but Im flattered and I'm proud that you and other Milanos like it!
Thanks buddy!!!

:'D What was that random shit :P

Man i loved that lol, like soooo random :'D, dnt understand it like but meh, it was soooo random... that was good lol

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join the milano crew and you'll understand it better! thanks!

Best Crew Ever

Jack Nicholson's cool

MessiahClock responds:

yes it is.
yes he is.