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Reviews for "~ytmnd soundboard 2~"

you have forgotten

ammed Hassan
Captain jean-luc Picard of the uss enterprise - picard song
the sailor moon song..what was it called...invincible?
the real emo song and not just vader
that 'who can say where the road goes' etc. song
LEEEEEROOOOOOY JEEEEEENKINS! - leeroy jenkins ofcourse
AHA! caught you! - sean connery
epic song - ?

hope I helped you with your next one.

~asta la vista - Master14

Dr Zauis this is good

This made beat my head to the beat Funky
No bad Music
My two favirotes were the Banana song and Dr.Zauis

Great and there should be another by this guy

the memories

these sound effects were created around the time when ytmnd was good. i miss the time voting was under control. the what is half life 2 is hilarious! nowadays ytmnd is out of control, no guidelines, the owner of the site deleting 400,000 ytmnds. this site is overrun by immature downvoters. i learned that the hard way. ytmnd will just suck you in and not let you out.

You are still the man now dog!

Wow just when i though ytmnd dog saw good this is better. O man thank you again for bring back old kids memorys. God i miss bill nye sooooo much and the intro song can remind me of his shows. I never knew the trazan remix song is gay fuel. hehe< i think that is i not sure> My fav songs on this board is Dr. zalus is a playa <and he sure is>, beef <where the beef>,the picard song, and billnye. But my all time fav is banana song. I thank you again for making my day even better. =)

hooplah2 responds:

See you liked it. Well your welcome. :)

((( NEEDS WORK )))

Now i have seen a few of these soundboards from day one to now on the grounds, and most of them are all the same, you should make it different from the rest, also the buttons were pretty basic, they needs a sleeker design...

Better look to the buttons, and something extra for the sounds...

Another soundboard nothing out of the ordinary with this one...