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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"

Happy Milano Day

it was beautiful
and i fixed the NGC collab thing too


I never get tired of hearing the emo song, especially when it's made into a cartoon!!!!! Great work dude!!!

P.S. Unblock me on MSN you dyke :3

ok, well

Even know Im neithor for or against this song. Let's not get into the whole debate of what emo is. This song is funny, and u put it together in an awesum way. Great Job!

Great, except for a small thing (or 2)

Thank was great. Excellent actually.okay Freakin amazing! I must've laughed forever when i first heard that song. Good collab.
P.S. I like Nintendo!
P.P.S. You cut off the end remark of the song! (I feel like tacos)


Doesn't this offend emos? I mean, they are humans too, u know.. Just because they live their lives that way, do we have to care anyways? I'm sure most of you get to call a emo a fag once in a while, maybe beat the living crap outta him.. For me, emos are just different.

Good movie about how emos are. 10/10