Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"

thats was cool point

yup emos r gay

OMG lol

i h8 emos

lol this will help me alot, i have a freind who is goth [goths suck too i seen dat] add whenever he gos on livejournal and posts suicide notes i beat teh fuxn crap outta him =p this will show him the folly of his ways =p,

i will tell him."every time you act like an emo bitch, god kills a kitten, dont kill kittens"


ok firstly that was damn funny emo kids r funny as hell linkin park ins't emo i don't think but they don't that 1 song crawling which could be considered emo moving on emo kids r little cunts who cant grasp the fact that shit happens and u need 2 move on i mean fuck man ive had a pretty damn bad life but i don't sit and whine about it or wear pants so tight i can barely breathe i'm not gothic either which i think is pretty stoopid 2 because u wear make up and shit but yes it's completely different from emo either way it's both damn weird and also theres nothing wrong with being gay altho it did make the flash funnier i myself am probobly the straightest person u will ever find but i support gays if u wanna be gay it's ur thing no one elses and my gf is bisexual so i think that adds 2 the whole i'm cool with it thing i have a gay friend or 2 they creep me out a bit sometimes but they r ppl jsutlike anybody else ending on a good note that flash PwN3D AnUs!

Fuck yeah man!

I loved every second of it. You seemed to have described every nuance of these half goth fags. Good on you!

Nintendo consoles are emo

That rocked! Anyway best that i put in a safe my Xbox...