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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"


Screw the whiny baby emo's that are offended keep making vids dude this is great!!!

oh, and "Thenickoff" you are TOTALLY right man!!!


Love that song! Wasn't too happy with the animation, with random pics being thrown in, though the author did admit it, so I guess it's forgivable. As for emos themselves, they do all look the same, and they do ask for all that shit to be put on them. If you claim to be an emo and all this stuff offends you, what are you doing in the emo series of vidoes? That's stupider than a black guy knowingly walking into a neo-nazi communion hall. No one's forcing you to watch, so don't, and get over it

Haha, my thoughts exactly...

This pretty much summed up my feelings about all those god damned posers... 5/5


that was horrible. im an emo, but i dont bitch about anything.. whatever.. fuck whoever made this song.

load of crap

whats with the emo bashing? im an emo and emo is not just an imitation of goth its a whole different way of life we arent trannys and were not gay.