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Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"


yeah hate emo kids but come on who cares ,all they want it is some attention,come on im gonna take my life ......STUPID anyway great song THOSE WHO ARE EMOS RESPECT THE FREEDOM IF WE WANT TO MAKES JOKES OF U ,WELL KILL UR SELVES ASSHOLES

Just stop

Look, stop picking on emo kids.Just because they don't wear all this aeropostale crap, and cry doesn't mean theyre gay.

lol, this song is still funny

alright animation, it's been done before but this was alright.


sorry man i heard this song so many times on so many animations/yuotube movies that it just stopped beeing funny, also, THIS perticular animation doesn't have anything impressive, not even a single decent drawing. PLUS te flashing texts and spazmatic animations at some points even futrther lower the score.

Get a life

Seriously...quit picking on the emo kids, It got old as shit :/