Reviews for "MDay : The Emo Collab"


It´s really not funny making jokes about emo or make a flash collab about it
Seriusly you haven´t ever seen a -real- emo have you?
You see someone with black hair, cloth and nails and think "emo" but in fact it´s just the kind of musik and emo wich is a shortcut for emotional hardcore can epress any feeling. Also happiness and love. I´m a "eeeeemooooo" myself-
I´m blonde blue eyed and a liveloving person, the only reason i give points to it at all is the animation is not too bad


ive heard it everywhere but good job anyway and insane 3004 no i haveent seen an emo go on a killing spree ya know why cause it doesnt happen and a war really yea social cliques go to war alllll the time... jackass well played urgit burgit


hah this is one funny shit i gotta tell ya! btw what insane3004 said thats not even gonna happen in a million years(seriously).

That's right...stick it to them!

I generally enjoyed it. BTW, all of the people below me who got angry at this because THEY are indeed emo: what are you? 12? anybody who actually claims to be emo has to be. Also, doesn't putting yourself in a catagory make you a conformist? chew on that for a little while....

This is getting really old...

One day your going to piss off the wrong Emo. Have you ever you seen an emo crack and go on a killing spree. I have and personaly I don't want to see it again. Quit insulting emos and we can avoid a dangerous war, or you'll face unavoidable death...